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What You Can Do Today To Move Toward Success

This means a lot to me, so I'm sharing it with you... 

Jeff Olson, author of the best seller, The Slight Edge, was speaking to a group of people at a conference I attended and he related this story that has stayed with me ever since and still gives me inspiration today. I believe in his powerful story so strongly that I am sharing it with you so you can benefit, too. Here is the story as I remember it.

The First Race

The story begins with a horse race that included two horses that were favored to win. The experts had them evenly matched and no one could say which would be the victor. Bounding out of the starting gate, one took an early lead.

On the back stretch the second horse began to move up and then, on the final stretch, the excitement built tremendously as the horses were almost neck and neck by that time. Just at the finish line, the second horse finally pushed ahead, winning the race by a nose (literally, only a few inches). The judges had to examine the photograph taken at the finish line to positively determine the winner. The winning horse took home the grand prize while the other one got the purse for second place.

A Year of Races

As the year wore on, the fans were entranced as the horses met on the track again and again with similar results. By the end of the year, one horse had won over $100,000 in prizes while the faster horse had won over $1 Million, 10 times the winnings of the first horse.

What Does It Mean?

The second horse won 10 times more money than the first one. Does this mean the second horse was 10 times better? No, of course not. The faster horse was better only by a nose, but was consistently so over time. Yet the results at the end of the year were dramatically different!

Your Race to Success

Success seldom shows up in our lives as a single dramatic event that changes everything; one event that is a total game changer. Instead, success is achieved by taking small steps that lead us in the right direction, and doing it over and over. When we are consistent, over time (Jeff calls it being Persistent and Consistent), our results, too, are dramatically different.

Part of the idea of The Slight Edge book is that you don't have to be 10 times better than someone else to be far more successful. You only have to be a nose better, but you have to be so consistently, again and again, over time. It's like compound interest where interest builds upon interest, and then that total amount earns even more interest, growing eventually to a considerable sum.

In a similar way, your small success builds upon bigger success, builds upon even greater success, all leading you toward the life you want to live.

I Believe in You

Life is not a horse race, regardless of how it may seem at times. But we can learn a lot about living the life we really want to live and achieving goals that truly inspire us by watching the world around us and learning... and then taking action. The right actions. Time after time. And the best thing is... anyone can do it.

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. I believe in your future. Do you?

If you haven't read Jeff Olson's excellent book, The Slight Edgeyou can see it here.

It is recommended by Serious Small Business Magazine as an Editor's Choice for small business.

About the Author

Jerry Hignight is a businessman, author, coach, trainer and speaker. His current positions include:

Jerry was on the founding board of the Center for Fathers and Families, a non-profit organization that serves families. He is former President of Pacific Pointe Insurance Agency, Inc.

And if that wasn't enough, Jerry is also in the process of writing two new business books. It's no wonder he is the recipient of Motorola's Overachiever Award!

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