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100 Life Lessons I Learned By Playing Golf

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I really love to play golf, but I’m not very good at it, whereas my best friend was on his golf team in high school. It’s not fair to him, really. He pays the same amount to play as I do, but I get to play twice as much! He seems to keep a good attitude about it, however.

While not very good at golf, I appreciate the surprising life lessons the game has taught me (100 of them now)...

  • Temper tantrums never improve the situation, and will frequently lose a club
  • Be considerate of others, they get a turn, too
  • To play the game, you have to get out on the course
  • If you keep swinging but you’re still in the same place, you’re really on the driving range and not in the game
  • A real friend won’t let you cheat
  • Goals give purpose to what you are doing
  • The best goals are challenging, but not impossible
  • Visualize yourself achieving your goals,then act on it
  • Always keep a goal in front of you
  • Remember your goal, but stay focused on your next shot
  • Always know absolutely when your goal is achieved
  • Once you've achieved a goal, note the score and set a new one
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, compete against yourself
  • Humility is good to have, but learning it can be tough
  • You land in the rough sometimes; deal with it
  • Play it where it lies. Wishing it had landed somewhere else does not help.
  • An occasional Mulligan is OK
  • Concentrate on what you are doing and you’ll have better results
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Even better, learn from the mistakes of others
  • Quietly wait for your turn
  • Always be aware of others and concerned for their safety
  • It’s bad manners to hit someone with your ball
  • It’s worse manners to hit someone with your club
  • Trying to hit a squirrel with your ball is never a real danger to the squirrel
  • Stay out of the rough, because it’s so well named
  • Let others go in front of you
  • Have fun while you are working on your goals
  • Every place you find yourself in has advantages
  • Look for the good things about where you are and take advantage of them
  • Forgive yourself
  • A sand trap is not the end of the world
  • Wallowing in your mistakes is a waste of time
  • Life is full of surprises, many of them happy ones
  • It never goes how you think it’s going to
  • There are always things beyond your control; learn to deal with them
  • Adapt to the situation you find yourself in
  • Find a way to make things work for you
  • No matter how bad it looks, there’s always something you can do
  • What got you here is not as important as what you’ll do next
  • All winners are people who didn't quit
  • The only way to move closer to the goal, is to take a shot
  • A bad shot can be hilarious!
  • Never stop learning
  • Your skills improve over time
  • A great shot is always a possibility
  • It matters what you do when no one is watching
  • Keep score and mind the rules
  • Playing with others is more fun than playing by yourself
  • Take risks, they make life exciting!
  • Give every shot your full attention
  • Be prepared when you take your swing
  • Attention to detail is important
  • A small change in your swing can make a dramatic difference in where it takes you
  • Believing in yourself is critical for success
  • A great shot is better when shared with others
  • You’ll never forget a hole in one
  • You’ll never have one if you never try
  • Cheer when you make a great shot
  • Cheer louder when your friend makes a great shot
  • There’s no substitute for good judgment
  • Plan your shot and follow your plans
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do is just get out of the trees
  • Real golfers play in the rain
  • You are responsible for the lie of your ball because you hit it there
  • Blaming the tree is never helpful, and makes you look silly
  • Staying positive produces better results
  • Walking outdoors is a good thing
  • Life is more beautiful in the sunshine than it is in the shadows
  • Life gives you grass stains, but they will come out
  • Getting angry only makes matters worse
  • The hotter the day, the sweeter the water
  • A hole in one is always possible
  • You can’t control the wind, but you can learn to play in it
  • The wind doesn't care if you miss the tree or not
  • While the wind can work against you, sometimes it gives you greater distance
  • When you disagree with the laws of physics, they win anyway
  • Avoid hazards whenever possible
  • Always give it your best shot
  • Good form is more important than raw power
  • Plan this shot to take you to where your next shot should be from
  • Only play the hole you’re on
  • No matter how it’s going, just keep swinging
  • Practice doesn't make perfect, but it sure makes you better
  • Being a gracious winner is just as important as being a good loser
  • A bad attitude is bad for everyone
  • Many situations are difficult, but none are impossible
  • If you lose your ball, just get another one
  • Any problem can be solved
  • If it looks impossible, look at it from a different angle
  • Always play the best you can given the current circumstances
  • Every swing makes a difference
  • Some shots will work better than others, and that’s OK
  • Nobody can play a perfect game, so don’t stress over it
  • You can mess up a shot and still win the game
  • Every effort at moving forward is a hit
  • You can’t use the same club for everything
  • Cheating makes keeping score a waste of time
  • Keeping your eye on the ball is critical
  • If you just keep swinging, you will reach your goal... eventually

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