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Today's business environment is more challenging than at any other time in world history in many ways. On one hand, the technology available to the small business owner allows them to sell and service customers around the globe. On the other hand, this same technology means that your competitors may be competing from the other side of the world.

Add to this the challenges of government rules and regulations, licensing and training requirements, demanding (and sometimes flakey) customers and the dizzying pace of new product releases, and its easy to see how you could easily get overwhelmed.

So where do you get support? How do you gain insights and knowledge that make a real difference for you? Welcome to Small Business World, a close community of present and future small business owners from around the world. With support levels for visitors, basic members, premium members, and executive members, Small Business World has the information, motivation and inspiration that is in demand by business owners around the world for the 21st century. And we are even launching our own magazine, available soon!

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