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\ When you make the world a better place... you get to live in a better world. - Jerry Hignight What could you do right now to make the world a little better for someone?
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This video will only take three minutes out of your busy day, but can add richness to your whole day. Personal Power is available for you to choose in your own life. This video by Nick Dufton is very well done. :-) Follow the link below to boost your day.
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You are Inspiring!  I used to say that life is like a walk in the park. You can peer into the deep shadows beneath the trees to see what lurks there, or you can experience the stunning beauty of the rose garden as you stroll by. Either way, it's the same
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I really love to play golf, but I’m not very good at it, whereas my best friend was on his golf team in high school. It’s not fair to him, really. He pays the same amount to play as I do, but I get to play twice as much! He seems to keep a good attitude ab
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